Food Love Fridays: October Edition

Image from IntentBlog.Com

Image from IntentBlog.Com

It’s October 2014 and there’s a whole lot to love.

For starters, Sean Brock’s new book, Heritage, which just came out this month.  Let’s just say it makes me want nothing more than to grab my husband, hightail it down to Charleston, camp out on Sean’s back steps and hope he feeds us.

(Not before putting his book on my Christmas wish list, of course).

Sean you are my culinary hero. Continue reading

SKC Food Favorites: Kerrygold Pure Unsalted Butter

kerrygold pure unsalted butter

Kids?  Confession.

I have been a fan of Kerrygold products for what feels like officially forever.

I’ve held that secret close to my heart like a royal flush, only letting it spill on occasion. Continue reading