Food Love Fridays: October Edition

Image from IntentBlog.Com

Image from IntentBlog.Com

It’s October 2014 and there’s a whole lot to love.

For starters, Sean Brock’s new book, Heritage, which just came out this month.  Let’s just say it makes me want nothing more than to grab my husband, hightail it down to Charleston, camp out on Sean’s back steps and hope he feeds us.

(Not before putting his book on my Christmas wish list, of course).

Sean you are my culinary hero.

Image from RestaurantLiveAz.Com

Sean Brock + his new book, Heritage – Image from RestaurantLiveAz.Com

Then there are these sugared beignets from Best Friends for Frosting.

Image by BestFriendsForFrosting.Com

Image from BestFriendsForFrosting.Com

I’ve craved beignets since I first tried Toulouse Petit’s version of them with chicory cafe anglaise back in Seattle (which you must try if you’re ever there).

Now in San Diego — with no place that I know of (yet) to get some and this irrational fear that I’ll undoubtedly spill lava-hot oil all over myself if I try to make them — I’ve resorted to whittling away my hours pining over delicious images of them on my computer instead.  (I am not proud).

Benton’s Hickory Smoked Country Bacon.

Image from BentonsCountryHam.Com

Image from BentonsCountryHam.Com

In the words of Ricky Bobby, Dear Sweet Baby Jesus.  I have been dreaming about this bacon since I first heard about it on A Mind of a Chef.  I am afraid that once I try it though, I may just have to move to Tennessee.

Just as love-worthy but in a different way are these yeasted brown butter waffles from our good friends at Bon Appetit.

Image from BonAppetit.Com

Image from BonAppetit.Com

Being both a waffle and brown butter lover, the idea of brown butter in waffles?  Makes me want to wrap myself up in one of these and eat my way out.  As.  Slowly.  As.  Possible.

Last but not leastly for this October’s edition, The Sugar Hit, a blog that I recently stumbled upon by Sarah Coates.

Image from TheSugarHit.Com

Image from TheSugarHit.Com

Hanging out in Sarah’s land feels like I took a wrong turn down the right street and ended up in Supergirl‘s kitchen.  And not only is she funny but, boy, does she know how to cook.

Have a wonderful, love-filled weekend, everyone!  See you all back here soon … new recipes coming just down the pike!



[Food Love Fridays is a once a month Friday-of-most-months series featuring at least one food-related thing I’m loving.  Found something you love?  Then please share it below!  For more Food Love Fridays, follow along on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.]

4 thoughts on “Food Love Fridays: October Edition

    • Hey, buddy! I haven’t tried making them (yet!) but I suspect that it’s only a matter of time =)

      Browned butter gives things more nutty, toasted notes and has a lovely complexity to it that regular butter does not. But you do have to make sure that you don’t burn it though, otherwise it turns really bitter!

      Thanks for stopping by, Niko, love you!


  1. That bacon looks amazing. Aussie bacon tends to be less streaky and more meaty so whenever I see pictures of crispy American bacon I feel like drooling! Great list here Christina. Ah, waffles. Let’s just say I get a little bit “Leslie Knope” when waffles are nearby… 😉 xx

    • Ha! I bet! If you’re ever in the San Diego area, come over and I will make you my pecan waffles with bacon (and perhaps it will inspire me to finally give in and order that Benton’s bacon =) And speaking of bacon, yes, American bacon is pretty yum, but Aussie bacon sounds awesome in and of itself! I’ve never had it but I bet it’s still pretty delicious =) xx

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