Who takes all the photographs on Small Kitchen Chronicles?
Unless otherwise noted, that would be me.

What kind of camera do you use?
When I first began working on Small Kitchen Chronicles – months before I published a single post – I spent many a week practicing and doing lighting / photo tests with my brother’s PowerShot.  The very first photographs seen here on SKC were taken with that borrowed little camera (thanks, Niko!).

I have since moved up to my digital SLR – the Canon T2i – which is what I now use exclusively.  It simultaneously scares me, amazes me and next to my husband, I’m in absolute love with it.

What kind of light do you use?
I use natural light because it’s the best.  And, next to my husband and the T2i, I am in absolute love with it.

May I use one of your photos / articles on my site or in my magazine?
Though I am flattered and honored that you’d like to use / share my stuff, please note that the entire contents of Small Kitchen Chronicles are protected under international copyright laws.

So, please be sure to drop me a line – to ask for permission to use any of my posts, content and pictures – first.  Simply put, it’s just the right thing to do.

Is there a list or index of recipes?  I can’t seem to find it…
Yes, abso-posi-lutely!  To get to it, click on “Recipe Index” in the menu bar above.

What’s your favorite thing to make?
Oh, hands-down, my Best-Ever Pecan Waffles with Bacon for those I love.

Favorite spice?
Salt, of course, and cardamom.  Okay, I know, that’s two, but I can’t help it.  There’s a reason why they use the word “spice” along with the word “life”.

Where do you live and where exactly is SKC at?
Small Kitchen Chronicles got its start in a small, one-bedroom apartment with an even smaller kitchen — hence the “small kitchen” in “chronicles” — just a hop, skip and a ferry jump from Seattle.

Later, it made its home in my husband and I’s slightly larger, small, one-bedroom apartment — with a slightly larger small kitchen — in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego.

It now resides in a slightly bigger apartment kitchen in the Great North of Minnesota just outside the Mini Apple (otherwise known as Minneapolis).

Other than Small Kitchen Chronicles, is there anything else that you do?
Yes!  Other than endlessly obsessing over my next culinary musing, I am a freelance writer, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer, as well as a conservatory-trained professional actress (now retired).

I am an artist / singer-songwriter who released her first single as a solo artist in September 2017. It is available for purchase / download on BandCamp.Com. So please go take a listen and if you like it, buy, share! This little song can’t travel without you.

I am also the writer / photographer of Everyday Ordinary Awesome, a photography blog of my stories told in pictures, about seeing the awesome in the everyday and ordinary.

I’ve also had the pleasure to guest-post on A Southern Fairytale, a wonderful food and lifestyle blog by the lovely Rachel Matthews.

And I’ve also been a guest writer / contributor for Give Us Art!, an awesome blog by Shawn Greenleaf that looks at art in the modern day.

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me at smallkitchenchronicles (at) gmail (dot) com.

I have a blog / website.  Will you link to it, or want to exchange links?
Though I’d love to support everyone, as a general rule, my policy is that I do not accept exchange link requests.  That said, please drop me a line and let me know about your blog.  I’d really, really love to hear about it!

Can I link to your blog?
That would be wonderful!  Thanks so much for wanting to; the love is much appreciated!

Who hosts your site?
Small Kitchen Chronicles is hosted by WordPress and powered my me.

What’s with the blueberries?
I love them!  For more about how much I heart them, as well as for a great wild blueberry crumble recipe, click here.

I have another question I want answered but don’t see it here, what do I do?
Please, just ask.  I won’t bite, promise.  Just drop me a line at smallkitchenchronicles (at) gmail (dot) com, on Facebook, or through Twitter @christinalaz.


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