Best-Ever Pecan Waffles with Bacon

I must admit, Tuesdays are not my favorite thing.

It’s the day of the week when the Lawn People come to tend to my apartment complex’s green stuff.

They descend upon it like a swarm of weed-whacking locusts and hang out from 8:00am – 3:00pm to drive me nuts, and make me want to go jiu jitsu on the next nearest living thing.

They add to the already omnipresent noise of yowling little toddler residents, and the frenzied “Go potty, come on, go potty, go potty…don’t eat that!” of dog-crazy people waiting for their dogs to poop just below my kitchen window.

I know that the Lawn People are here to at least make things pretty for me, but it all just makes me want to go ballistic.

So, inevitably, their presence makes me do one of two things:

1.  Hightail it to the haven of the Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse — lugging all my writer’s gear with me like a pack mule — to do the rest of my work there,

or, when I can’t,

2.  Shove nuclear orange-colored earplugs in my ears and go to my Happy Place — a beautiful little land in my head filled with nothing but loveliness and leaping lambs; where all things green and unruly are silently and magically trimmed by butterflies.

Photo by Roeselien Raimond

Hey, you may poo poo, but in my Happy Place…it happens.

What else resides in my Happy Place?  Things I really love, like:

My husband, Christopher.  Okay, I know he lives in my actual world too, but he’s kind of a big deal.  He’s also my best friend, the handsomest, and who wouldn’t want one’s bestie with them in their Happy Place?  I rest my case.

All of my nearest and dearest friends and family.  ‘Cause they make my world an infinitely more wonderful place, because they are.  Quiet doggies and kitties would be there too.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom — Marcel Proust

My brother, Niko, for sure.  Because he’s awesome, we’re the only twins on the planet born 14 months apart, and who else would I bump the volleyball with?

A beautiful, tropical beach with me sunbathing on it, looking toned and feeling gorgeous.  ‘Cause it’s my Happy Place and I can have whatever I want.

These waffles.  ‘Cause they are the best, and I don’t use that word lightly.  And I made them just for you.

Best-Ever Pecan Waffles with Bacon

Inspired from recipe by Aretha Frankensteins

Makes 4 large round waffles or 2 — 2 waffle servings

1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 slightly rounded teaspoon baking powder
1/4 slightly rounded teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup organic raw pecans, roughly chopped
1 1/4 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 egg
1 1/2 teaspoons turbinado sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 slices nitrate-free bacon (3 slices per serving)
Butter, warmed, organic maple syrup, and sea salt for serving

In a large mixing bowl, combine all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and pecans.  Mix well.

In a small, separate bowl, combine buttermilk, olive oil, egg, turbinado sugar, and vanilla together and mix well.

Pour mixed, wet ingredients into dry mixed ingredients and using a fork, fold mixture gently until just combined — being careful to not overmix, which will make the waffles tough and rubbery.  You should be able to still see lumps.

Allow batter to sit for 20-30 minutes.

Preheat your waffle iron (I highly recommend the Chef’s Choice 830B WafflePro Classic — best waffle maker, ever).  No need to grease it; the oil in the batter will allow waffles to release without a hitch.

Follow the directions on your waffle iron to cook the waffles, using ladle to pour batter into center of waffle maker for each waffle, being careful not to overfill.  Place cooked waffles on wire rack and tent loosely with aluminum foil to keep warm while you cook the rest.

15 minutes before serving, put bacon slices in the oven to cook (see Best-Ever Way to Make Bacon).

When waffles and bacon are done, divide waffles between two plates, place three slices of cooked bacon on top of each, and serve immediately with butter, warm syrup, and a sprinkle of sea salt.


What’s in your Happy Place?  Let’s share and discuss!

16 thoughts on “Best-Ever Pecan Waffles with Bacon

  1. These waffles look amazing! I would love to try them this weekend – just wondering if I switch the flour portions (more wheat than white) – would this change/ruin the outcome of the recipe? Any whole-grain I can use in place of the white flour without ruining the taste of your fabulous looking waffles? Thanks for the post – I’m looking forward to Saturday morning breakfast now! 🙂

    • Hey, Kaitlyn, thanks so much for the comment and for the love!

      Re: your question (great question, btw!), I have tested this recipe a bazillion different ways and I super strongly recommend sticking with the 1/4 cup whole wheat to 1/2 all-purpose flour ratio. You start adding any more wheat, and the waffles start getting, really, a bit too heavy.

      As far as any other whole grains, I generally try to stick to ingredients that aren’t too tricky for folks to find so, unfortunately, couldn’t recommend anything in that department =)

      But, if you stick to my suggestion, and the recipe, I think you’ll be super-duper pleased with how they turn out =)

      Enjoy your waffles this weekend, Kaitlyn! Stop by again and let me know how you liked them!

  2. I love the taste of salty bacon with the sweet maple syrup. Will need to try your waffles! Thanks for posting (found you on Tastespotting!)

    • Hi, BHW! I know, how can you ever go wrong with bacon paired with maple syrup? Yes, be sure to make yourself some; I am sure you will just love ’em! Stop on by after you do and let me know how you liked them!

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know where you found me too — had no idea that I was on TasteSpotting too!

  3. I don’t have whole wheat flour or turbinado sugar and I can’t really see any future use for them, besides this recipe. Would using regular sugar and all while flour still result in yummy waffles?


    • Hello, nonamecooking! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

      Re: your question, yes, using all regular all-purpose flour and plain sugar would still result in yummy waffles, BUT, I highly recommend the whole wheat flour. Using all all-purpose will be fine, but the whole wheat not only makes it healthier, but imparts a wonderful body to the waffles.

      Hope that helped, and enjoy the waffles! Stop by again and let me know how you liked them!

  4. Hi Christina,
    how great is that! I just discovered your blog and have looked around a little bit. I’m absolutely fascinated with any dish combining sweet and savory or smokey flavors so I fell in love with this recipe of yours. Your waffles look perfect, and I can well imagine how great they taste with bacon. II will definitely give it a try (as a vegetarian I think of replacing the bacon with smoked tofu). Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Wonderful! So glad to hear, Claudia; welcome to Small Kitchen Chronicles! You are most welcome here anytime =)

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment and for stopping by … let me know how your tofu substitution worked out!

      Warmest wishes,


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