Blog Love

Image from Pinterest.Com

Image from Pinterest.Com

It’s important to share it … the (blog) love, that is.  Here are a few of my (foodie) favorites.

Will Cook For Friends  Willow’s blogging awesomeness makes me want her to cook for me.  And be her friend.  I am such a fan already.  Her food blog is warm and beautiful and her mission statement truly speaks of a girl after my own heart.

honey & jam  Miss Hannah Queen is like a 22 year-old wunderkind to me.  I stumbled upon her food blog a few months ago and she makes me want to time-travel to a bygone era and make homemade biscuits all day.

Joy the Baker  Simply put, Joy’s blog was the food blog that got me inspired to start my own.

Eggton  Katherine never fails to crack me up, her pooches are adorable and her shots, awesome.

Happyokes  Seven words: Kelsey and Shaun’s process shots are amazing.  Kelsey’s motto is kind of an inspiration too.

Taylor Takes a Taste  Taylor has the best food photography tips, tricks and tutorials.  If you’ve ever shot food, you know how incredibly helpful this kind of stuff can be.

The First Mess  Honestly, folks, there is nothing messy about this blog.  Nothing but glorious, gorgeous, moody food.  Yep … moody.  Go check it out and you’ll totally see what I mean.

Top with Cinnamon  Two words: Izy and 17.  As in this lovely blog is by a 17 year-old little lady who goes by the name of Izy.  It’s equal parts impressive and inspiring.

Look. Listen. Smell. Eat.  So creative and such a super-unique take on food.  Think Design meets Deliciousness.  Love, love, love this blog and the food photos rock my socks off too.


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