Top 15 Things Every Small Kitchen Must Have: Part I

A big part of Small Kitchen Chronicles is for and about the small kitchen cook, as well as cooking and living big in the small spaces we’ve got.

So, it’s always the perfect time to talk about great, small kitchen must-haves.

Though it’s a very personal thing, here is my Top 15 List of things this small kitchen cook can’t live without.

So, without further adieu…

Christina’s first five!

1.  Good, quality ingredients, preferably organic, local and in-season.  If you buy anything, this is what you should spend your hard-earned change on.  A pauper can live (and cook) like a king on quality over quantity.  Even if it’s in an aluminum pan, it’ll make all the difference.

2.  A great set of measuring cups and spoons.  I love me my All-Clad ones, and if I could afford their cookware, I’d get them in a New York minute.

3.  A good pair of cooking shears or scissors.  They’re not just handy for cutting paper.  From pizza, to herbs, to bacon, you name it, this is an awesome go-to gadget I reach for every time.

4.  Spices.  Simply put, there’s a reason why they put the word “spice” in front of the word “life”.  Enough said.

5.  A spice rack or two (or three).  For said spices, because it’ll do no one any good if you have nowhere to put them but on top of your head.

Stay tuned for Part Deux, of “Top 15 Things Every Small Kitchen Must Have”, where I’ll be continuing to reveal my remaining ten!

In the meantime, what are your small kitchen must-haves?


10 thoughts on “Top 15 Things Every Small Kitchen Must Have: Part I

  1. What a great post! My must have kitchen item is my KitchenAid Food Processor. I use it for everything. Blending dressings, making sauces, chopping onions, making hummus, you name it! It makes cooking a snap with very little messiness.

      • i agree i LOVE my food processor, but i also can’t live without my kitchenaid stand mixer. i have a VERY small apt and have to use my dining room table at my counter space because i have none in my kitchen. nonetheless, my stand mixer has a permanent home there lol

      • Speak it, sister, speak it! And though I cannot personally comment on those Kitchenaid stand mixers, I have been coveting them for years. My parents have actually had one since they got married back in, yup, 1969. And they still have it and it still works like a dream.

        And so nice to meet you, fellow small kitchen foodie sister! Thanks so much for commenting, Jess, and you are most welcome here at SKC anytime =)


  2. Love my cast iron skillet and my grandmother’s original pressure cooker that hasn’t been a pressure cooker in years but is a really heavy-duty pot that (almost) never burns. Great for making homemade spaghetti sauce and other things that cook for hours.

  3. I agree about the kitchen sheers! For super fast dinners, I bake potatoes in the microwave, rinse off some chives and put them on a plate with a pair of sheers. It’s super fancy. 😉

    Oh and the spice rack! I have a spice rack, a spice shelf and a large bin of backup spices. It’s sort of ridiculous.

    • I know, aren’t they awesome? And way to go with the shears, Sarah! And for the record, you can never, ever get too crazy with the spices (sounds quite organized, actually — I am impressed). Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Sarah!

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