The Humble, Little Lemon

Okay, it’s official.  Summer’s here and it’s just about the time when I start thinking about all things refreshing.

Visions of lemonade and dancing lemons fill my head and then inevitably, I get to thinking how much I love the humble, little lemon.

It’s sunny face smiles back at me no matter what time of the year it is, and no matter how dreary it can get here in the Pacific Northwest, I know there’s always a bit of sunshine waiting for me in the fridge.

What else can these little guys do?  For starters, lemons, specifically lemon juice, can be your “go to” solution for many a (small) kitchen conundrum.

Too sweet a pie?  Lemon juice can fix that.  Even after being baked or served, just squirt a generous amount on top of that slice and, I promise, you’ll be going back for seconds.

Dish too rich?  Lemon juice can fix that too.  It’s fabulous for cutting through any kind of richness, and a great balancer of flavors in rich foods.


Risotto can get too rich with all that added cheese and cream.  I love me my cheese and cream just as much as the next girl, but they can overpower.

Lemon juice to the rescue!  Squirt a teaspoon of lemon juice in during cooking, and though you may not even taste it, you will taste the difference.

Stinky hands from all that garlic or onion chopping?  Yup, lemon juice.  Rub and rinse, and those hands will be back to sweet-smelling in no time.

So love your lemons!  They’ll love you back.  Promise.

4 thoughts on “The Humble, Little Lemon

  1. Christina,
    I was just writing up my post for next week and realized I hadn’t checked out your pages. Seriously, I think we may have been kitchen sisters separated at birth, I am an absolute fool for lemon!
    On the list of things I cannot do without in my kitchen, lemon tops the list.

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