Goodbye and a New Hello

our small kitchen

It is the afternoon on the day before we leave for our new life in San Diego.

The car is packed and the suitcases by the door.

And on the balcony, planter pots lie empty waiting to be filled again.

There are no recipes to share today, my friends, just a few things to share.

Seattle and the area around it has been my home for the last 10 years.  And during those 10 years, I was lucky enough to make a few very great friends.

jolene sarah and christina

And lots of very good ones too.


A very loud, very great rock band was formed and in those six years in it, I got to stand on stage with my big brother by my side.  I know how lucky I am.


Later, this small apartment — with an even smaller kitchen — became Christopher and I’s home for the last year and seven months.

our apartment number

It was the birthplace to a humble little blog called Small Kitchen Chronicles.

And the home to a lot of love between two people who started a family of two together last year ago in March.

Photo by Taylor S.

Photo by Taylor S.

It’s an apartment that has housed a lot of laughter within its walls and a warm, safe haven for when growing as a person was painful.

I have loved this place at times and loved it not a great deal too and yet it is an indelible part of what will become my past very soon.

our couch and pillow

And on the eve of this new chapter of my life that has yet to be written, I find myself more than a little bit sad yet a whole lot grateful.

Grateful for the last 10 years and all that it contained.

birthday at sarah's

Photo by Sarah I.

Grateful for all that I have gained and all that I have lost.


Grateful for all that I wanted so much during that time but didn’t get and grateful for all that I received in its place.

wills and christina

Photo by Christopher B.

(Which by the way was more wonderful than anything I ever possibly imagined for myself).

And my time here has made me realize that what matters most is not whether you actually get what you are striving for but all that you are gifted with instead.

the gang

And though it’ll soon be time to say goodbye to this place and allow it to become part of my past, I’d much rather say see you later because I know that I can always visit again — if not in-person, but in-memory — whenever I wish.  And you don’t need a round-trip ticket for that.

And I’d much rather say hello too. Hello to a new adventure.  Hello to a brand new life with all its yet unknown wonders waiting for me just around the bend.

Announcement:  As we are on our way to San Diego, Small Kitchen Chronicles and yours truly will be on hiatus through the end of July.  As such, I will get back to all your lovely comments as soon as we are all moved in and settled.  ‘Til then, be well and thanks so much for your continued support, everyone.  See you all in San Diego!

41 thoughts on “Goodbye and a New Hello

  1. Have a wonderful time as you begin yet another new adventure! I actually make it out to SD occasionally so maybe I will get to see you there some time!

  2. YOU ARE STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!! Seriously. Your skin looks radiant in every single photo! And what a lovely farewell post to Seattle. But um, talk about weather upgrade!! I’m so excited for you to get settled in sunny San Diego! My bf and I are taking a trip to LA at the end of July and I’m so excited for beaches Hello indeed!!

    • Oh, Erika, you are too kind! Thank you so much, lovely, and just saying that makes you gorgeous all the way around =) Thank you for the wonderful SD wishes. I am literally typing this reply from a computer lab at USD — not quite settled or moved in yet, and though SKC is still officially on hiatus, I have missed you all and wanted to at least hop on and say hello — so, hello!

      Have fun in this new town of mine when you get here and keep up that awesome blogging, girl. I’ve had spotty internet access while here but have caught glimpses of your latest creations and they are drool-worthy!

      Hugs and talk soon, lovely! Thanks so much again for the love =)


  3. What a beautifully written post Christina and such beautiful photos! I could feel your emotions as I read each line. I’m so thrilled for you on your new adventure in San Diego! Gorgeous place to move to!! Have a wonderful time and can’t wait until your next recipe, my dear! xoxoxo

    • Thank you, Brandi; I am so glad you liked it. It was a bit hard to write and I got pretty emotional, but it was really helpful in getting closure and putting my feelings into words. Isn’t it funny how writing can do that?

      Thank you too for the kind San Diego wishes, they mean a lot =) We are currently still living out of our hotel but, if all goes well, will be moved in to our new place just before the 1st of August! It’ll be nice to finally have more than spotty internet access and, most importantly, start settling in to our new home! SKC will have a new home too and I can get back to creating and writing =)

      Look forward to being able to get back to reading your posts too, Randi; it’s been difficult being in transition to really do so =(

      Hope all is well, lovely! Thanks again for the love and support and big hugs all around =)


  4. Aw Christina. This post is so bittersweet, so thankful and poignant… it makes me happy and sad at exactly the same time. Hope that you settle in easily in San Diego; that your new home will feel exactly that – a ‘home’ rather than a ‘house’ – straight away. Sending you lots of love. Can’t wait to read about your new experiences in San Diego (when you and Christopher are settled and ready). Hugs to you beautiful xx

    • Thanks so much, Laura, and thank you so much for all the lovely wishes.

      We are currently still living out of our hotel, and though SKC is still on hiatus due to the circumstances and spotty internet access, if all goes well, we will be moving in to our new place next Saturday. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us, Laura!

      Look forward to starting writing again and being able to get back to reading your posts again too. This transition hasn’t much made it possible but promise to again as soon as I can =)

      Hugs right back, lovely, talk again real soon.


  5. Beautifully written Christina! You have embraced what was, and now can be in a new place in life, literally and figuratively. I am also thankful that we met, it was one of the best things about Seattle in my mind. And now a super big welcome to California, bask in that sunshine girl, you deserve it..and see you soon, but not in the past, but in the future! Hugs and all good things, Love Jolene

    • Aw, thank you, honey. And I feel the same, dear friend.

      Your welcome to Califoria wishes were the first ones I received when we crossed the state line! How lucky was I to get them from you, honey, thank you =)

      Can’t wait to see you in a few months …

      Hugs and all good things back,


      Christina xo

  6. Buddy, thanks for sharing, I have many fond memories of us here, and many new memories and fun are to be had in SD! Much love!

  7. You chronicle reads like poetry — beautiful. Best of luck on your “new adventures”. “Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing.” — Helen Keller

  8. Beautiful words and pictures. Always sad to leave a place that you have lived in for a long time. I hope your move goes smoothly…and hope sometime to see you in San Diego!

    • Thank you, Samantha; I so appreciate your words and wishes. Currently writing from a computer lab at USD, so not quite settled in yet, but soon! I hope your move is going smoothly, neighbor, and hope to see you soon too =)


    • Thank you so much, Danielle, and I look forward to my posts starting up again too! Soon! =) And thank you re: the wedding dress and my tattoo! The dress picked me and I picked the tattoo 😉 Warmest to you, Danielle, and thanks again xo!

  9. Wow, what an incredibly powerful post! So beautiful to take the time to reflect, while also allowing yourself to feel the excitement of a new adventure…So wonderfully written. I know you are going to build all sorts of lovely memories in your new home also – will miss your posts over the next few weeks, but am so excited to see what you are going to cook up in your new kitchen! BTW, I love your wedding photo – what a stunning couple! And your dress is to die for! xoxo

    • Thank you so much, Lindsay; I really appreciate that. I’ve been missing writing and being able to connect with all of you, but being in transition hasn’t made it feasible, unfortunately. Spotty internet access and apartment hunting, moving … but keeping the fingers crossed, if all goes well, Christopher and I will be moving in to our new place next Saturday! I am excited for all the new possibilities that await me in this new city and really getting to know it =)

      Ooh, and re: the wedding photo — thank you, lovely! — it is my favorite of us =) And the dress picked me (when you go dress shopping, you’ll see! 😉


  10. Christina–

    The Tibetans have a saying, “No hope, no fear.” An odd thing–“no hope”–until you realize that it means not to be limited by what we imagine for ourselves (what we hope for), but rather to be open to the path that life will present to us. I think you truly embody this saying. So, I wish you “no hope,” but rather all the best life has in store for you in your wonderful new city!

  11. Hey ! Just stumbled upon your blog and I loved it ! Loved reading this story and the pictures….You look gorgeous on your wedding 🙂 I hope and I wish you pass a happy and blessed life ahead 🙂 Love xx

    • Thank you so much, Claudia, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I feel blessed to have been a part of it, and get to be part of it with my brother too =) Hope you are well there in Berlin, Claudia; great to hear from you!


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