Blood Orange Salad with Goat Cheese, Pistachios and Mint

blood orange salad with goat cheese pistachios and mint 4

This salad almost didn’t make it.

Initially setting out to make something totally easy and healthy for you all this week, what actually transpired went pretty much like this:

I cut my finger.

Knocked over the dressing.

Made a mess.

Had a near meltdown.

Image from Cute-n-Tiny.Com

Image from Cute-n-Tiny.Com

Concerned the husband.

And in the end almost chucked the salad out the window.  Literally.

Truth?  Sometime being a food blogger is not all pretty pictures and perfect recipes.

A great deal of the time, it’s a lot of hard work.

And sometimes, creating a recipe is much more like getting a root canal.  Albeit, a whole lot prettier.

blood oranges 2

Truth be told, sometimes I don’t feel like shooting my food but just want to eat it like a normal person.

Image from AshangelBlog.Wordpress.Com

Image from AshangelBlog.Wordpress.Com

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing or have anything particularly interesting or entertaining to say.

Image from Joy-Babbleon.Blogspot.Com

Image from Joy-Babbleon.Blogspot.Com

And despite how things may seem, recipes don’t always come out right.

Yet … even despite the mess, near meltdown, near-chucking of salad, etc. — in the end — the salad still turned out delicious.

blood orange salad with goat cheese pistachios and mint 2

Which made me think of something a dear friend’s grandmother used to say, which is that things eventually, always turn out right.

It may take a while and the road there could get ugly but — in the end — things always did.  And she was right.

They do.

And as I looked at this salad that almost met it’s maker (wait, that’s me), my funk lifted.

Image from Flickr.Com --  All rights reserved by Fiddling Bob

Image from Flickr.Com — All rights reserved by Fiddling Bob

It made me feel lucky to be able to express myself through food.

blood oranges

Lucky that I could take a bunch of ingredients and create something not only lovely to look at but delicious too.

Lucky to be able to share my creativity with others and to get to cheer others on in the process with theirs.

Image from Glamour-Vintage.Blogspot.Com

Image from Glamour-Vintage.Blogspot.Com

And connect with people like you.

And as I took a bite of this extraordinary salad, with my cut finger and dressing-spotted shirt, I felt very lucky indeed.

‘Cause I was.

blood orange salad with goat cheese pistachios and mint 4

Blood Orange Salad with Goat Cheese, Pistachios and Mint

Inspired by Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian

Makes 2 servings

For Dressing

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste

For Salad

2 blood oranges, peeled, pith and ends removed and cut width-wise into 1/4 – inch slices
1 large navel orange, pith and ends removed and cut width-wise into 1/4 – inch slices
2 tablespoons chopped red onion
1 ounce goat’s milk chevre cheese, crumbled
2 tablespoons raw pistachios
12 fresh mint leaves, julienned, plus a few extra for garnishing
extra sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste

In a small mixing bowl — using a spoon — combine red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper together until well combined.  Set aside.

Arrange blood orange and navel orange slices in a pretty pattern on a large serving plate.

Sprinkle chopped red onion evenly over top of orange slices, then repeat step with goat’s milk chevre cheese, then raw pistachios.

Drizzle dressing evenly over top and finish with julienned mint leaves.

Serve immediately with extra salt and black pepper — or more mint leaves — if desired and …


Announcement: Small Kitchen Chronicles is revamping it’s posting schedule to make time for exciting new projects and opportunities.  As such, there will no longer be regularly scheduled posts on Wednesdays or on First Fridays but will be publishing posts intermittently.  See you all back here soon!

46 thoughts on “Blood Orange Salad with Goat Cheese, Pistachios and Mint

  1. Hey buddy, thank you for your honest, funny, thoughtful post. I really enjoyed it. Glad you overcame your meltdown, and the salad looks wonderful! Much much love, and see you soon!

    • Hey brother wonderful, so glad to hear you really liked it and thanks so much again for sharing it on Facebook =) There’s a reason why they call you Brother Wonderful =)

      I’m glad I overcame my near meltdown too, and thank you re: the salad! It thinks you’re pretty wonderful too =)

      See you soon, buddy! Love you oodles!

  2. Kudos! Food blogging is s trip. Sometimes I just want to cook and eat the fruits of my labor; not spend time thinking of copy and setting up shots. But it feels great to share it too. Beautiful salad!

  3. amen sista…food blogging can be a real “treat” somedays..but glad you made it through another post, with minor cuts and bruises oh and maybe a few stains too..but your salad looks just lovely, i’m sure every bite was worth it…lovely post..sarah

    • Hey Sarah, thanks so much for the love and encouragement (and so glad you enjoyed the post!); it sounds like you know exactly what I’m talking about.

      I’m glad I made it through too and in the end, things always turn out right … though I may be a little worse for wear sometimes =) The salad was delicious!

      Have a wonderful weekend, lovely, hope you are well!

  4. I hope your finger is alright my dear Christina. You are so right –food blogging is A LOT of hard work. But it paid off. Your salad is just stunning! I love the color contrast of your photos, not to mention the goat cheese in this salad. 😉 Feel better and BIG hugs to you!

    • Thanks so much, Anne, my finger is much, much better today. It was really more frustrating than anything and thankfully not deep at all. All’s well that ends well! =)

      Thank you for all the wonderful words re: the pics and salad; you are just too lovely, Anne! Thank you! I do my best =)

      Big, big hugs back and look forward to whatever yumminess you cook up next!

      Talk again soon =)

  5. I just discovered your blog and it’s going straight to the favorites pile!! Your pictures are incredible. The one of the kid and the pasta is one of the most expressive and interesting I have ever seen…

  6. Oops. Just noticed the kid picture wasn’t yours. Nice anyway. The photo of the salad is quite stunning as well! Those colors…

  7. The more you cut the greater your risk of cutting your finger: Murphy’s Law. Colors colors colors, usually when it looks amazing it tastes that way too. I can only try to imagine. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you, Lokness, I do appreciate that … me too! Please let me know how you like it! I think you will adore it =)

      P.S. My finger is much much better today, thanks so much for the concern, lovely! That is so sweet of you and very much appreciated!


  8. Yikes. The finger cut is the worst. Was it the kind where you do it and then you don’t want to look? That’s how I broke in my Wustoff’s. Glad to hear that it’s feeling better.
    And the kitchen meltdown…I hear you girl. They always frighten the hsbands, don’t they? Maybe there should be a food blogger vacation period wherein all food bloggers take an entire two weeks to only cook and eat food without taking any pictures or testing recipes…I feel like if somthing looked really good I wouldn’t be able to resist though. Like how this salad looks! WOW. It really looks amazing, Christina. Beautiful colors, I absolutely love the pic of the orange slices layed out.

    I wish you all the best on your new opportunities, I can’t wait to see what you’re up to! {remember to breathe!}
    Rebekah 🙂

    • Hey Rebekah!

      Nope, thank goodness it wasn’t that bad, it just hurt and kept bleeding, which just added insult to (already frustrating) injury. Thank you for the well-wishes!

      Yes, the kitchen meltdowns do always frighten the poor husbands … bless their patient hearts! And, yes, I totally think that we all should get that kind of vacation, period, but I have to say I too have a hard time not photographing particularly lovely “results” — it’s like Food Bloggers Anonymous! Aiy, lordie help us! =)

      Thank you re: the pics too, Rebekah, and the new-opportunity-well-wishes — I really appreciate the continued support =)

      And yes, breathing, check! 😉

      Have a wonderful weekend, lovely; talk soon =)

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  11. Hello, I’m new to your blog and indeed the world of blogging. Thank you for posting such a down to earth and human post. Despite your mishaps and trauma, your salad looks divine – blood oranges are yummy and mixing fruit with cheese is always a winner.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Thank you, Alexis, and welcome to Small Kitchen Chronicles =) And welcome again to the world of blogging — hope you really enjoy it!

      Thanks so much for your kind words (they are much appreciated), and know that you are welcome here anytime =)


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