Food Love Fridays: January 2013 (or There’s A Lot to Love)

Image from Cuded.Com -- Photo by Marina Cano

Image from Cuded.Com — Photo by Marina Cano

It’s a brand new year, dear readers; we’ve survived the holidays and 2013 finds us with lots to love.

I find myself very thankful for what I’ve got, which has nothing to do with what I received for Christmas and everything to do with the love that I am blessed to have and that I am lucky enough to give.

I also find myself to be continual thankful for you, dear readers, and this community of fellow bloggers who keep me going, inspired, laughing, and feeling profoundly and incredibly blessed.

So the first food love of this baby, brand-new year goes out to all of you, dear friends.

SKC Community

Your comments, “Likes” and support of this little thing of mine called Small Kitchen Chronicles endlessly fills my heart.  Thank you so much, it all means the world.

Cutlery Love

Now.  I know it’s past Christmas.

But you may find yourself in a predicament: needing a chef’s knife.  Wüsthof is calling your name, but your pocketbook/wallet — like mine — looks like the Mohave Dessert.

Well, do not despair, dear one, because if you’re looking for an amazingly sharp one at an incredible value, I cannot recommend the Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife enough.  And I am not getting paid a thing to say this.


Image from Amazon.Com
Image from Amazon.Com


I’ve had mine since 2002 (no joke) and no matter how roughly I treat it (and I do) — other than looking a little worse for wear — I’ve rarely had to sharpen it, and it still cuts, slices, dices and chops like a dream.

It was the best $25 I’ve ever spent and the only knife in the kitchen I really, ever use.  And if it keeps up like this for another ten years, geez, I may never need that Wüsthof.  (Just don’t tell my husband that).

Blog Love

There are lots of cool, new blogs out there.  Irene’s is one of them.


I was lucky enough to discover this lovely lady’s blog when I found out she had given me press (thanks so much, Irene).  Ever since, I’ve been increasingly impressed by her content and unique spin on crafts, food, design and all things good, and knew I just had to share the love back.

Chock-full of lovely hand-drawings, great crafty step-by-step how-tos, internet food and product-finds, ideas, original recipes and stories, reading Irene Loves Crafts makes me smile.  A lot.  Also uttering things out-loud like, “How awesome!” and “Wow, what a cool idea!” and “How cute!”  I’m willing to bet you will too.

Photo Love

Last but not least-ly, for this very first Food Love post of 2013, I leave you with this gorgeous roasted grape & ricotta crostini photo/recipe from the very talented Renee of sweetsugarbean.

Photo Credit:  SweetSugarBean -- All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: SweetSugarBean — All Rights Reserved

I can almost feel the warm breeze on my face just looking at it.  And how can one make grapes look so dreamy?  She just did.

Have a wonderful, love-filled weekend, everyone!  See you all back here on Wednesday!



Food Love Fridays is a once a month Friday-of-most-months series featuring at least one food-related thing I’m loving.  Found something you love?  Then please share it below!  For more Food Love Fridays, follow along on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

14 thoughts on “Food Love Fridays: January 2013 (or There’s A Lot to Love)

  1. Ooh perfect. I’ve been so frustrated with my crappy knives–a $25 one that cuts like a dream and will last 10 years at the least sounds like a winner! Do you know if it comes with a knife safeguard or how do you store it? It always scares me when I have random knives floating about!

    • Hi, Erika,

      It does not come with a knife safeguard, I don’t think, but the best way to store cooking knives such as this is up (and away) on your wall with a magnetic knife bar. This is the one I personally have and it’s great:

      I face the knives blades pointing up, with sharp edges away from me, so I can easily grab the handles when I need them.

      Knife blocks (you know the ones) are crappy, as they can get moldy in the slots (no good, for various reasons), and sticking sharp knifes in a drawer is not only dangerous (and, yes, scary!) but dulls and damages the blades (also no good).

      Let me know if you have any more questions — good ones!


      • Ah, Christina you are a fountain of wisdom! That was so helpful, thanks 🙂 One more question–where did you put that magnetic bar in your kitchen? I.e. did you put it kind of far away from everything? Over the sink? etc. I am still a little gun-shy at the thought of having a bar of unprotected knives hanging out in my kitchen…

      • My pleasure, Erika, of course! =)

        I put my magnetic bar at head-height to the left and above the space where I do my most prep-ing (which is the counter to the left of my stove).

        I’ve found that location is really, a personal preference and also dependent on kitchen layout and where you do most of your prep-work.

        I personally would not put it over the sink but on the wall next to or in-front of the space you do the majority of your prep. That way you minimize having to travel with sharp knives (which is dangerous) and have them near enough to you for when you need them. Win-win! Make sense?

        I too was totally gun-shy about the whole unprotected-knives-hanging-in-my-kitchen. I’ve found though that as long as they are high enough to not be accidentally bumped into, i.e. 1.) bar mounted at about head-height) or 2.) up against the wall in front of you, and 3.) the handles are pointing downwards (with blades up and sharp edges away from you) you are golden. I haven’t had a single negative incident with this arrangement.

        I found that having sharp knives stored away in drawers was so much more dangerous!

        Did that help?

      • Okay I can’t figure out how to reply to your latest comment (dumb) but thank you SO so much!! That was a really thorough, thoughtful reply and I will definitely, definitely keep all of that in mind as I build up my knife supply in the future!! You are great 🙂

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