Meet Christina

This is me.

My name is Christina Lazarakis and this is Small Kitchen Chronicles.  I am an actress by trade, a singer by evolvement and a lover by heart.  I create.

I am at my happiest when I do.

Cooking has been a lifelong love of mine ever since I was a little peanut.  Having both a Greek mom and dad, I grew up around master cooks, who through example taught me that food equaled family and that love and magic were indeed, very, very real because they existed in every meal.

With a rolling-pin in one hand and a chef’s knife in the other, little Christina inevitably turned into big Christina and though my creative journeys took many forms throughout the years (actress, director, singer, writer, visual artist, you name it), cooking stayed, steadfast and by my side, the entire time.

Small Kitchen Chronicles are my recipes, stories, tips and advise inspired by, in and around, my twenty-five and a half now forty-five square foot kitchen.

‘Cause even though your kitchen may be small, doesn’t mean you can’t cook and live big.



59 thoughts on “Meet Christina

  1. I also grew up with a Greek father who was my cooking inspiration. I think it’s in our blood to be passionate about everything! 🙂

    • Oh, Fae, you are just too much — in the best way, of course!

      Thank you so much! I am honored and very touched, and you, my lovely fellow food blogger are a delight =)

      Thank you so much again, Fae! Small Kitchen Chronicles ❤ ❤ ❤ you =)

  2. your blog is lovely ^_^ i can’t wait to see more. title is inspired and pictures are inspiring. i’m so happy i stumbled upon it ^_____^

    • Thank you so much, thingstastebetter! Much appreciated!

      I swung by your small house blog btw, and you had me laughing out loud! Your title headings are brilliant and hilarious — bravos are due back ‘atcha!

      Look forward to your future posts, and thanks for stopping by my neck of the (internet) woods — you’re welcome here anytime =)

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    • Oh, Hannah, thank you so much! You just made my morning, and I am so glad to hear you enjoy my little piece of the cyber woods! You are most welcome here anytime =) Thanks again, it is so appreciated!

      Warmest wishes,


    • Thank you so much for leaving me such a wonderful comment, Lady Yoga! It truly made my day =)

      It’s always so wonderful to hear when people are enjoying the fruits of your labors, so again, thank you! I am so glad you enjoy my little neck of the internet woods and very glad you stumbled upon it too!

      You are most welcome here anytime =)

      Warmest wishes!


  5. Greetings Christina,
    I really loved reading your biography; it was both personal and very real. Being of European heritage I could in some way relate to your experiences. All the best with your recipes and life’s journey.
    God bless.

    • Konstantine, I’m so glad! Thanks so much for your lovely comment and kind words. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it, and lovely to “meet” a fellow Greek as well (and your photography is wonderful)! All the best to you, Konstantine, and you are welcome here at SKC anytime =)

      Warmest regards,


    • Melissa, thank you so much for the nomination! I am honored and so appreciate it. Most importantly, it warms my heart to hear that you enjoy this little piece of the foodie-sphere called Small Kitchen Chronicles; I am so glad! Thanks so much again and you are most welcome here anytime (nomination or no 😉 Be well, lovely xo!

  6. Christina hon!! Just wondering how you’re going in the big smoke? Missing your blogging goodness and little notes. Thinking of you and Chris, praying that all is going fabulously. Hugs xo

    • Laura!

      Thank you so much for checking in on me, beauty. How are you, dear one?

      I am doing well (as is Chris), just not been much in the mood to write or blog lately. Not quite sure why, but I think much of that is due to just getting settled into our new city, and in a new PT job I got at a museum here recently. It takes a while, I realized, to settle in to a new place and make it feel like home and I don’t think we’re quite there yet (but it comes part of the territory). Not to mention, with the lovely sun out all the time, it also seems to beacon me to come outside a lot more 😉 I am just allowing myself to be where I am and (with re: to SKC), to write when it comes naturally and when it feels right, and not force it. I find its the best that way … does that make sense? =)

      Hope you are doing wonderfully, dear spirit, and thank you again for checking in. You are a lovely blogging friend and I so appreciate you =)

      Hugs right back xo

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