Handy-Dandy Little Baggies

Sandwich bags.

I know, not terribly exciting, right?

No doubt, chill tenants in one of your kitchen drawers, these little do dads wait patiently for your lunch, or to hold small stuff for you on those occasional trips.

But guess what?  I’ve got something to get you excited about.  Sandwich bags aren’t just for sandwiches and wayward hair clips anymore.

Did you know that these handy-dandy little baggies can actually help you while you cook?  Well, they can.

Ever notice how impossible it is to chop or handle peeled garlic and not get stinky hands?  Use a sandwich bag on your non-dominant hand and you’ll never have that problem again.  Just chop with your dominant hand and handle with your non.

Problem?  Solved.

Got a few of those big, gallon freezer bags? You can also use them to make your fresh herbs last super, duper long.

My wonderful friend, Sarah — and an awesome cook herself — hooked me up with this fabulous, must-do kitchen technique.

Here’s how:

Stick your herbs-on-hand in a mug or glass of water, “tent” with a freezer bag…

…and then, just like G. Love and Special Sauce, stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge, stick it in the…fridge.

You’ll be amazed how long they’ll last.  Just keep switching out the water when it gets icky, and those herbs you picked weeks ago will stay Energizer Bunny fresh, fresh, fresh!

So, what’s your favorite kitchen tip or technique?

Let’s share and discuss!

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